NVQ 2 in Pharmacy Service Skills

A minimum competence requirement came into place on 1st January 2005 relating to pharmacy / dispensing assistants.

Pharmacy/dispensing assistants need to be competent in the areas in which they work, to a minimum standard of NVQ level 2 or equivalent.

Assistants may either complete a full NVQ level 2 in Pharmacy Service or they can complete individual unit(s) relevant to their work areas. They will be assessed in the workplace by trained NVQ assessors. Their completed portfolios will be verified by one of the Regional Internal Quality Assurers.

The full NVQ level 2 in Pharmacy Services requires competence to be demonstrated in 3 mandatory units and a minimum of 4 optional units.

Unit 201 Assist with the provision of a pharmacy service to meet individuals' needs
Unit 202 Ensure your own actions reduce risks to health and safety
Unit 203 Contribute to the effectiveness of teams
Optional units:  
Unit 204

Assist in the sale of medicines and products

Unit 305 Receive prescriptions from individuals
Unit 206 Assemble prescribed items
Unit 207

Order routine pharmaceutical stock

Unit 311 Receive pharmaceutical stock
Unit 312   

Maintain pharmaceutical stock

Unit 210 Assist in the issuing of pharmaceutical stock
Unit 211  Assist in the manufacture and assembly of medicinal products
Unit 212 Prepare aseptic products
Unit 213 Prepare documentation, materials, components and other items for the preparation of aseptic products
Unit 214 Assist in the preparation of documentation, materials and other items for the manufacture and assembly of medicinal products
Unit 314    Undertake an in-process accuracy check of assembled prescribed items prior to the final accuracy check
Unit 216    Assist in the issuing of prescribed items

For more information contact:

Karen Nash, Pharmacy NVQ Training Programme Director (0117 3426767) karennash@nhs.net